How does the consignment system work?

We supply you with the goods you wish to stock. We then call you after 2-3 months to obtain a stock count. If after this two month period you have sold enough stock, we will invoice you ONLY for the stock you have sold. The remaining items stay on consignment. Any stock ordered after this will go straight onto your consignment note. For more information about the consignment system, please visit our Consignment Sales page.

Can I pay for my stock up front instead of being on consignment?

Certainly! If you feel that you do not wish to be a consignment customer, please let one of our friendly staff know and we will change your account to Net 30 days invoice account. You may change back to consignment at any stage.

Is there a minimum order for quantity of your stock?

We usually sent out a minimum of 6 items for an order. This means only 6 individual items, such as 6 pairs of glasses or 6 watches. You may mix and match these 6 items.

How long will it take me to receive my stock?

The majority of orders are sent out same day as ordering.They are sent via Australia Post, so delivery time depends on where you are situated. The usual time is 2-3 business days.

I am a member of the general public, not a retailer, but I am interested in purchasing some stock directly from you. Can I do this?

Some of our stock is sold on a wholesale basis, such as stopwatches, so yes you can purchase those directly from us. Please contact us with any such queries. Alternatively, we can point you in the direction of your nearest retailer.

I am a retailer interested in stocking your products. How do i set up an account with you?

Simply fill out the enquiry form and one of our customer service staff will contact you shortly.

I am a current customer but my stock looks old and tired. Can I update my stock?

You may return any stock that is not selling at anytime to our freepost address. Remember, if you don't sell the stock, neither do we! It is both our interest to have the stock looking as good as possible, so if you find you need to update and renew your current stock, please let us know and we will arrange this for you.

Have another questions not covered here? Please Contact Us and one of our freindly staff will be pleased to help you.