Consignment Sales

What does Consignment mean?

All goods are supplied to you with no obligation to pay for them until you sell them. We deliver the goods to you at no cost. You then sell the goods to your customers. Then deduct your profit and pay us.

Consignment Stock will not affect your budget but will enhance your profit!!!

Can I send the goods back at any time?

YES, we have a reply paid postal address which you can send goods back to at any time at no cost to you. 

This sounds too good, what is the catch?

We will contact you once every two/three months by telephone. We ask that you provide a stock take of the goods you have on consignment so that we can invoice you for what is sold. If you have not sold enough to be invoiced we wait until the next telephone call - It's that simple - GIVE US A CALL NOW!

What if the goods are not selling?

If you are not satisfied with your sales then you may send the goods back at no cost. Our initial terms of consignment are for six months only. If the goods are not selling within the first 6 month trial period then we ask you to send them back at no cost.

Do I have to have the goods on consignment?

No, If you prefer to pay for the goods up front then we will send you an invoice directly with the goods. You can still return & exchange styles at any time by returning items at no cost to you.